I am:

Sarah Jay. 30ish. Female. Living in Northern California.

Wife. I’ve been married to Jon, my adorable husband, since 2005. You can read all about our wedding in Niagara Falls on the little site I created for it.

Mom. I have two amazing children, Thomas and Evelyn. Our move to California made it possible for me to stay at home with them, which I think is both lucky and crazy.

Dreamer. But I’m not the only one.

Crafter. I was raised in a crafty household and grew up thinking everyone had giant a giant wood shop and cabinets full of craft supplies to tinker with. I haven’t met a craft I don’t like and have bins of supplies to prove it. For the last few years I’ve been focused on paper crafts, particularly rubber stamping and scrapbooking.

Introvert. I like people just fine, but I’m most comfortable when my mind can wander down dozens of fascinating paths without keeping up social niceties.

Web Developer and Designer. Technical Writer. Since I first discovered the Web in 1995, it’s been a rare day when I’m not in front of a computer and on the Internet. I count myself very fortunate that I’ve been able to leverage my experience to make a living with it.

Aspiring Photographer. I take pictures. Some good ones. A few amazing ones. Mostly so-so ones. But I’m slowly becoming more and more confident in with my camera.

Blogger. I’ve been keep a blog here since 2002.

All-around Domestic Goddess. I enjoy baking, shopping, home decorating, and crafting. Not so much the cleaning and organizing duties of a Domestic Goddess, but I get by with a little (OK, a lot of) help from my husband.

Procrastinator. I waited to do this one until the end, for obvious reasons. Over the last 30 years, I’ve learned that I’m very much a go-with-the-flow, wait-until-the-last-minute sort of person.

About the Site

I created my first Web site in 1996 and started blogging in 2001. The two ideas merged at criminalgrace.com in 2002. Over the years I’ve designed and redesigned countless times, coded dozens of pages by hand, switched blogging software, tested photo galleries of all kinds, added widgets, and experimented with all kinds of writing prompts. The result is what you see before you right now: a personal Web site that is as inspired and unfinished as the woman behind it.